Vancouver Holistic Pregnancy and Postpartum Resources

I have gathered here some of my favourite Vancouver resources for pregnancy, birth and postpartum, helping you find the holistic practitioners and services you need to support your growing family. Be sure to also join me on facebook to keep connected with local events and resources.

Vancouver Area Holistic Practitioners for Pregnancy and Postpartum
I find my clients benefit greatly from Chiropractic, Naturopathic, Homeopathic and Acupuncture care in pregnancy and postpartum. Some of the practitioners listed also offer 24 hour “on-call” treatment in labor, ideal in cases of a long or challenging birth.

Homeopathy-Emma Banks-Specializing in birth preparation, anxiety, stress and common discomforts in pregnancy. All consults done via Skype.

Bonn Chiropractic – Dr. Stephanie Bonn, Prenatal and Family Chiropractor

Else Larsen 604-732-3422 3077 Granville Street, Vancouver – Chiropractic Care

Dr. Shannon Larson-Doctor of Chinese Medicine & acupuncture for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. On-call services for labour needs.

Acumamas– specialists in acupuncture for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. On-call services for labour needs.

Acubalance– TCM/Acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy

Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic Dr. Kelly Fujibayashi

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage Therapy and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
While massage and physio services can be instrumental in supporting the changes of your body through pregnancy, they also have an important role to play postpartum. From pelvic floor rehabilitation to support with cesarean birth scar tissue, these skilled practitioners can make all the difference in supporting a healthy recovery.

Dayan Physio – specialists in pelvic floor dysfunction and rehab.

BC Womens Hospital – Continence Health Services – free of charge.

The Vagina Coach – Pelvic Floor and Core Strength Support

Soma Studio – Massage therapy

Marie Arcand RMT
Marie also offers mobile massage for brand new moms with babes under 6 weeks old on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For that, contact her directly at 778-321-7712

Giselle Nagy, Massage Therapist – Mobile in-home massage, great for postpartum.

Sitka Physio and Wellness

Vancouver area Prenatal Classes

Vancouver area Prenatal Classes

Dancing Star Birth – Birthing From Within and Birthing Again Prenatal Classes

Lower Mainland Childbearing Organization – Community Childbirth Classes

Vancouver Postpartum Support and Mother-Infant Well-Being

Pacific Post Partum Support Society

Bonnie Davis, RCST – Craniosacral therapy to help deepen bonding & attachment, and resolve early attachment trauma for new parents.

Barb Komar, RN, MC, Registered Clinical Counsellor – Individual and couples pregnancy and postpartum counselor with special expertise in perinatal loss and birth trauma.

Anxiety BC – Online resource for new moms with anxiety

Mother Me – Postpartum Doula Care


Birthing Pools, TENS machines and other labour supplies

Birthing Pools & Birth Supplies

Midwifery Supplies Canada – Home Birth kits, water birth supplies

New Spirit Arrivals – Birth Pool & TENS Rental, placenta encapsulation

From Tummy to Mummy – Birth Pool & TENS Rental, placenta encapsulation

Pretty Pushers – Beautiful, inexpensive Labour dresses

Newborn and Parenting Resources

“We have a secret in our culture:
It’s not that birth is painful, it’s that women are strong.”
– Laura Stavoe Harm

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