Birth Doula Services for Vancouver Families

Choosing a Doula who will be present at your birth is an important decision that is shaped by many factors, including experience, training, and philosophy of care. I offer an initial free consultation that gives you a better sense of who I am as a Doula and what I have to offer. This meeting is informal and carries no obligation.


Getting to Know Each Other

Once hired, I like to meet two times in your home (approximately two hours per visit). At each session, we will get to know each other, go over information, and explore options that help you prepare for labour and the arrival of your baby. We will also practice relaxation techniques, comfort measures, and positions for labour. I welcome and encourage the participation of your partner or anyone else who may be present at your birth.

Planning and Preparation

As your Doula, I serve as your personal resource throughout your pregnancy and the first few weeks postpartum. I am available via email and telephone to answer your questions and offer support and guidance. I am happy to share my knowledge of aromatherapy, homeopathy, and Bach Flower Remedies as you prepare for labour and birth. You are welcome to access my extensive lending library of DVDs, books and magazines. And I own a TENS machine that you are welcome to borrow, should you desire.

Labour and Birth

At the 37th week of your pregnancy, I consider myself on call 24/7 for you and your birth. I appreciate being notified as soon as you are in labour. Early labour can be an exciting and confusing time. It is my goal to help you feel relaxed and confident throughout, so it is important that we check-in regularly during this stage.

Once you feel the need for additonal labour support, I join you and stay for the remainder of your labour and until all is well after the arrival of your baby. Usually from 1-3 hours. During this time, I help with both your physical and emotional needs. I also provide care and support for your partner, offering suggestions that allow them  to participate at their comfort level.

After the birth, my doula services include assisting with immediate breastfeeding support and then helping you and your family settle in and prepare for rest.


During the 1-2 postpartum visits, I help ensure that nursing is going well and that your recovery is on track. I answer any questions you have about being a new parent and connect you with resources in your community. I help bring closure to our experience and look forward to future updates of your progress. I am available as a resource for you throughout your parenting and breastfeeding journey.


On the rare occasion that I am not able to attend your birth (due to illness, multiple labouring moms, etc.), I will connect you with one of my back-up Doulas. I work with a group of equally experienced Doulas with similar philosophies of care, and you will have the opportunity to meet with them prior to your birth if you choose.

Prenatal Classes

I believe there is tremendous value in taking a group prenatal class as a complement to your relationship with me as your birth doula. An effective childbirth preparation class is about more than just receiving information. It’s a place where you can share wisdom, gain insight and create bonds with other expectant couples in a safe and supportive setting. I recommend Birthing From Within prenatal classes with Dancing Star Birth. In addition to classes for first-time parents, they also offer a wonderful one-day Birthing Again workshop for anyone having another baby.

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