What Birthing Families are Saying About My Care

As a Registered Midwife, I work with a lot of Doulas. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I see Lolli at a birth. Her years of experience bring a very special energy to the women she attends.

Her quiet but strong presence, her ability to communicate with touch and gentle care is impressive. I feel that she is a valuable and important part of the team, and the women she cares for are incredibly lucky to have such great support.”

Linda Knox, Registered Midwife

“Lolli is that voice in your head that believes in you, that supports you, that allows you to get through the pain as it is happening. Her reassuring, positive, authentic words held me together and allowed my body to do what it needed to do without fear engulfing it.”

First time parents

“Good things come in small packages! Lolli’s wisdom, intuition and strength are remarkable. I am grateful for every moment (of the 21 hours) she was by my side for the birth of our beautiful daughter.”

Kirsten & Paul

taz and julia

“Both my partner and I felt her strength, love and guidance throughout and she continues to have a very special place in both of our lives and in the life of our son.”

Taz & Julia

“Lolli guided us through our birth experience with competence, professionalism, warmth and humour.”

Brigid & Ken

“As labour progressed, I was in another dimension altogether. Lolli helped us navigate through Labour Land and reassured me every step of the way, providing us with guidance and helping us to make important decisions that made our daughter’s birth a positive experience.”

Ruth & Doug

“I must say that weeks before the birth, as I started packing for the hospital, I was laughing at all the things she suggested we get — I remember saying to friends, ”Lolli thinks I am going to a spa!!!” During labour, however, EVERYTHING she suggested not only came in handy but made the hospital room feel like home.”

Kathleen and Sérgio


Lolli’s grounded and peaceful presence at our son’s birth made both my husband and me feel safe and free to birth the only way we knew how, and that was naturally. With Lolli at our sides, we felt prepared to face whatever our first birth was about to unfold for us.”

Tasha & Hiro


“Lolli was our guide in uncharted waters. She was a steady support of calming and practical suggestions during the scariest parts of labour. Having her on board gave me the confidence to support my wife more fully in her desire to have a home birth.”


Birthing Again

“Lolli, you were truly an integral part of making my 2nd birth story everything I had wanted. You healed my wounds from the first birth and allowed me to rewrite my memories of birth. Thank-you so much. You are so amazing at what you do. Simply the best.”

Val & Neal

“After a difficult time birthing our first child, I barely dared to hope for a home birth the second time around. From the encouragement she gave us to try for a home birth, right up to the way she gently pressed down on my shoulders so I’d relax while pushing, Lolli was indispensable in helping us realize what truly was the greatest experience of our lives.”

Alex & Rob

Postpartum Support

“The help we received from Lolli after the birth of our daughter was absolutely invaluable. She created a supportive, loving atmosphere for our entire family. She bonded beautifully with our daughter, while still respecting our role as parents. An eternal THANK YOU, Lolli!”

Jennifer & Ken


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